Director Tan Pin Pin travelled to Thailand, Malaysia and United Kingdom to interview Singapore political exiles about their feelings about Singapore. Some have not been home for 50 years. The film though banned in Singapore for undermining national security, has moved audiences the world over.

“Expertly crafted, enormously moving.”
Film Society, Lincoln Center

“This moved me to tears. Every young Singaporean should see it.”
Anthony Chen

“A “must see”. A brave, intelligent, sensitive, heartbreaking and humbling work that left my head spinning.”
Colin Goh

“Brave, brutally honest”
Robert Yeo

“Tender and searching, deserves to be watched by the largest Singaporean audience possible, and more than once.”
Chan Cheow-Thia

“Stylistically concise, with so much heart.”
Kirsten Tan

“To Singapore, with Love” is a necessary film. Extremely moving and thought-provoking.”
Koh Jee Leong

Jeremy Tiang

“The most important Singaporean film I have ever seen.”
Woo Yen Yen

“All of Tan Pin Pin’s previous work has been moving towards this courageous point.”
Tony Rayns, Head, Jury, Dubai International Film Festival

“If you feel touched, it may be because of the production’s impressive ability to weave sentiment from small details, food, poetry, songs and photos.”
Cine21 (Korean cinema magazine)

“A very delicate and intimate gaze into the lives of Singaporean political exiles and their families.”
Paolo Bertolin, Venice International Film Festival delegate

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